Our Quality Policy

  • Obtaining of customer satisfaction,
  • Working perfectly for the first time and every time,
  • Seeing the ones coming after us as customers,
  • Making continuously improvement activities with attendance of our workers,
  • Fulfilling the conditions of the system,
  • Seeing the suppliers as strategic partners,
  • Increasing the life quality of our workers,
  • Being a trustworthy institution for our share holders,
  • Obtaining an understandable, a reachable and honest communication,
  • Having a innovative comprehension which follows improvements,
  • Being clean, neat, organized and disciplinary.

Our Environment and (OHS) Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • As ASAS FILTER, we commit to sustain the activities respect to the legistlations and regulations at the filter sector
  • We commit to minimize the hazards and  the risks of occupational health and safety and source waste
  • We commit continuous improvement by keeping under control the air emission and dangerous wastes in order to minimize the effects of them on environment and occupational health and safety
  • We commit to implement activities which eliminate the occupational diseases and occupational accidents by ensuring human safety
  • We commit to provide the participation and advice of workers and suppliers by increasing the awareness and sensitivity of workers and suppliers about environment and occupational health and safety.