In ASAS Filter, the start-up application is process-based and rules the design consideration which consist of the product designed by using concurrent engineering techniques and interdisciplinary approach applications, having the physical and functional conditions for the customer satisfaction, at the same time, meeting the legal responsibilities by manufacturing and using the product and

For every new product, which taken to start up in ASAS, a project team is made in the leadership of research development and a project-based engineering plan is prepared.
New product engineering plan is examined in five phases: Planning and feasibility, product design and development, process design and development, becoming valid of product and process, feedback review.

A new design data bank is formed, which provides to use the experiences made from the previous design projects, information, analysis of competitor, feedback information of suppliers, internal data,
field data and from other sources obtained data in similar structure of current and future projects and in the new product design.

Although the developing computer simulation techniques in design works, ASAS results to its customer with the most optimum design providing high performance product by doing functional and fast experiments.

In new product prototyping, the item/product is produced in effective process conditions. The design verification is carried out in applying comprehensive laboratory performance tests.