Environment Reports

In a world, where the natural resources are quickly consumed and the pollution reached dimension of threatening life, where global warming, water shortage, drought and ecological balance tend to disorder, to leave our next generations a livable environment, as ASAS FILTER we target to contribute next to the environmental protection also environmental reformation. Accordingly, through the given training to our workers in the factory, their sensibility on energy saving and reducing of wastes is increasing from day to day.

As ASAS Filter, our objective is to provide less energy consumption and waste leaving year-on-year. In this direction we’ve provided savings by the percentages of %12 energy, %30 water, %20 dye mud, %15 lube waste,
%25 paper waste, %30 carton waste, %40 plastic waste, %20 hazardous waste in 2016 in proportion to 2015. In addition enviromental accidents and chemical waste is targetted by zero-defect

OHS Reports

As ASAS Filter, “zero-defect” is targetted on the occupational disease and occupational accidents and in this direction we work sistematicly through. During these works proactive approach is adopted and occupational disease and accident risks are minimized.