Our products consist of 6 main topics; as Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Cabin Filter, Dryer Filter and Water Filter.

By means of using the media variability in our filtering systems in consideration of the latest technological developments seen nowadays;

  • high reliability, efficiency and performance,
  • extending of service time care of growing capacity,
  • better capacity in wet, silk, tulle or cellulose holding feature,
  • increasing performance and obtaining of engine protection in high performance,
  • the highest performance rate in industry,
  • advanced “effaceable” features and qualifications (reusability)
  • longer kilometer guarantee and extending of service time
  • being continued of the high permeableness or inflow during the life cycle,

can be obtained.

In the production phases of all our products, laboratory tests and quality controls proper to quality systems procedures are made and a properly perfect feeding (oil/fuel/air) entry due to the engine demand and fuel saving and engine power, and parallel to this, proper to the engine’s micronic structure and dirt fully-holding are obtained.