Our Policy

The quality of our products starts with the quality of our workers. To engage and to work together with the best personal and adult human force with our group of companies, to avail highly of the abilities, force and creativity of our man; increasing their effectiveness, giving chances to improve themselves and creating a working space where corporation and solidarity is, is the way of our group of companies has choosen to succeed long generations.

ASAS group of companies, with the power and quality based philosophy from its deep-rooted history, being consciousness that qualified human resource is the most important element behind the success in differing in its industry, toward its company targets, it bases on a human resource policy conducting modern human resource programs and continues constantly the investments oriented to increase the competence and abilities of workers.

As of today, 48,2% of our workers create our sufficient and qualified human number of our group of companies.

Our Vision

To be a company which applies the developing and changing human resource management approach in business world. A company where everyone is proud of working and to be the company which keeps this pride always alive.

Tranining and Development

Our first target, to raise experts, manager and leaders who follow constantly the advantages of globalization, change, development and technology and reflect all these to their work to carry their company a step forward, and who make differences. We believe that our human resource is the most valuable resource, which creates new opportunities for our company.

Our training and development programs are designed to fertilize our workers and to develop our company. The specially planned trainings start with the “Orientation Program” which obtains a quick and easy adaptation to the company. Continuing with perfection performance oriented developing activities, it guides them during the learning process. Our purpose is to catch together the development opportunities in the career path which we started with our workers.

Internships and Apprenticeship

As Asas group of companies, we target to determine our future potential human resource of our company, by giving high school and university students opportunities of internships, by supporting their development and preparing them to work life. As part of the Apprenticeship and Vocational Training Law no. 3308, within the protocol between our companies and the apprenticeship and vocational training center, in our enterprises personnel in apprentice position is employed, and therefore obtained to be trained in the determined training centers and to apply in manufacturing.